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Call Them Yourselves & Ask Them!


We were tired of reading fake reviews that Law Firms put up themselves or pay companies to post. We feel that there is nobody better to ask how an attorney treated them and handled their case then a current or former client of the firm. So with the clients permission we have compiled a long list of clients who agreed to allow us to disclose their phone numbers to any potential clients so that you could call them and hear directly from them about their experience with our firm and the job we did for them.

Kathy C

"Jason was there for me at one of the lowest points of my life when my husband passed away to work related radiation exposure. I had been turned away by 3 other lawyers and then Jason sat with me for a few hours and agreed to take my case. He did what nobody else thought was possible and won my case, because of him my two sons were able to go to college with the award I received. I cannot recommend Jason enough, he has become part of my family and I have become part of his.  Do yourself a favor and hire him"

Linda P

"When I was inured while working for the NYCTA, I first hired another law firm that my union recommended, that was a huge mistake as I was just a number, being passed from paralegal to paralegal and never even knew who my attorney was. When a co-worker recommended Jason, I called and scheduled an appointment at his office in NYC. I was surprised when Ia actually got to sit down with Jason himself and then he spent 2 hours with me explaining all the aspects of my case.  My case took many years and we obtained a great result. Jason was there for me every step of the way, I had his personal cell phone number and would speak to him nights and weekends. Jason is the best I have recommended over hundreds of my family and co-workers to him. He is a very special person and a great attorney"

Marva H

"I had another attorney prior to hiring Jason and it was a complete disaster, my benefits had been suspended and I was told nothing could be done for me, I had lost hope and was in a deep depression. Then a colleague told me she had someone I just had to meet that helped her with her workers compensation case. When I called Jason, I was surprised that the number I had was his cellular phone, as my old attorney would not even give me his direct work number.  I scheduled an appointment and when i met Jason I immediately liked him, he was friendly, nice, didn't speak in big legal terms and took the time to explain things to me so i understood. He promised me he would solve the issues with my case, and he did just that. Jason is someone I have sent countless people to and not a single one had anything but great things to say. Do yourself a favor and hire an attorney who really cares about his clients"